Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nokia Smart Phone Users Beware - Charged for calls and texts to 00491773628803

We are a Nokia phone house, have been using these phones all my life but just noticed that on 2 contracts here we are been charged on a daily basis the exact same time every day (give or take a minute) .25c for text and calls to 00491773628803. Now I am going to do a bit of research on this number to see if its a premium rate number and if so the the carriers are liable for at least refunding part of the cost (up to 50% depending on which country and operator you are using). If this is the case then there is trouble ahead, mainly for Nokia. But it turns out that this is a service that is embedded in the MyNokia service and it automatically calls or texts the number, another one is 00491771787772 both are German numbers. I do not remember any notice about this in subscription services on MyNokia website, and I will be checking into this much more on Friday 2nd when they are back online for live support and will keep you posted but I wonder how many other Nokia Smart Phone users are having this problem and how much it is costing them.

In some of the posts some users noticed that this charge was every day and in some cases several times a day, but most were a few times a week. The conservative estimate is that there are over 800,000 Nokia Smart Phone users subscribed to MyNokia in Europe and if the average is around .20c and the average is 4 times per week you do the math (ok I did it, its €2,784,000 per month been taken from customers).

I will hopefully be getting a new phone in early January and I can tell you this it will not be a Nokia!

If I get any more updates then I will post it here on what you can do to solve the issue.

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Anonymous said...

I noticed the same thing on my account in November, I am on Vodafone in the UK. Hopefully this will be sorted soon. But I was told b them to change my phone as there was nothing I could do... WTF! I chased down Nokia and they did nothing either and its still sending texts 4 times a week at .14p each

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